Scholarships for short courses at the University of Ohio, United States of America

Ohio University | Photo: ed!, Via Wikimedia Commons

There are 12 scholarships offered by the LAIOB on courses in marketing, management, corporate finance, or project management. Registration until 28/10.

I would like to develop more professionally? Have you thought about doing a short course? What do you think in July 2019, spending two weeks at Ohio University with a scholarship?

With the aim of expanding opportunities for young people in Latin America, the Latin American Institute of business – LAIOB, provide 12 fellowships for short programs in the field of Marketing, Management Corporate Finance or project management at the University of Ohio.

Founded in 1804, the university is one of the most traditional of the United States. In addition to offering more than 250 undergraduate and 75 graduate students, an institution internationally recognized for academic and research experience.

Trainees and graduates over 18 years of age, with advanced English and in the target audience of each session, shown on the exhibition site, may apply.

What will be evaluated during the selection process: – the level of English of the applicant– work experience– academic background– life experiences– answers to questions contained in the catalytic performance in the interview

Scholarships include:– airport pick-up Columbus to the Ohio State University (round)– a program for two weeks in July 2019 with the lessons of Business English and business communication in the morning (four classroom hours per day) classes in Marketing, Management, Project Management or corporate finance in the afternoon (four classroom hours per day)– visits to companies in the region on the weekend free sightseeing– food and accommodation– dinner, graduation ceremony and deliver the certificates at the end of the session

Airline tickets, health insurance costs for Visa and registration fees ($120) is the responsibility of the grant holder.

Interested participants must apply by October 28 October through the program websitewhere they can fill out and send the application form LAIOB. For each of the four cycles, providing a full scholarship and two partial scholarships (70%). Some additional scholarships of 50% (Limited) will also be provided – registration process is the same.

After the evaluation of the final arrangements of the treaty in the first stage will be interviewed via phone / video conference.

The final result will be announced on the official pages of LAIOB – website, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin – on 19 November 2018.

On of LAIOBcreated in 2014, the Latin American Institute of business was created with the aim of enabling rehabilitation and development professionals in Latin America with academic programs in the major universities in the United States. On LAIOB partnership with institutions such as the University of Akron, Ohio University, Draper University, San Ignacio University of Miami where he offers courses in various fields such as Marketing, Management, Leadership, Project Management, Finance, Business, Technology, Innovation and entrepreneurship. On LAIOB as did the important data in the most important innovation centers in the world, like Silicon Valley in Israel and China, connecting local businesses to the environment and more innovative technology.

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