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On the night of the 1950s, David Lynch and his brother wandered the quiet streets dim in Boise, Idaho, when I met a naked woman who walked tropegamente. “Maybe it was the lighting or the way that came out of the dark, but her skin was white as milk and her mouth, shockingly red,” remembers Lynch. He wanted to help the woman, but didn’t know what to do or say. “She was scared and had not caught, but until the shock was all.”

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Fans of Lynch will remember the disturbing scene in blue velvet, movie, 1986, starring Isabella Rosselini. The film is the Fourth of the city and consecrated him as the author of the “surrealist woman in trouble”. While the critics are still struggling to explain the idiosyncratic work of Lynch, book, room for dessert, the story of his life, it appears that a lot of topics from childhood – ideas and images hidden in the shadows that Lynch filled with fantasy and fear.

The candy room is an extraordinary tool. Its chapters alternate between a biography written by Kristine McKenna and their own memories of Lynch. McKenna talks about the facts that characterized the life of the director: the change to Virginia to do a second degree and becomes a painter; the early experimental films, made in Philadelphia, from the terrifying short grandmother; accepted by the American Institute of cinematography, where he studied alongside Terrence Malick and Paul Schrader, and her first feature, Eraserhead (1977).

Friends Lynch McKenna that combines the docile nature with a fascination with the mysterious, distorted. Jack Fisk to become a production designer Lynch, remembers when the butterfly suspended in the ink is still fresh from one of his paintings and struggled not to die. “He was glazed in this scene – the death of struggling with the painting,” said Fisk. At the time of the last Lynch asked Sylvia de Laurentiis, the movie producer that he had the uterus removed in a hysterectomy.

But the joke is eccentric memories and observations of Lynch is more fun than the book. He was excited, through the old-fashioned to talk about his love life (he was married four times), but he says he likes the “kind of place… the appearance that hides the inner flame”. In sex only “there” at 18. Girl Catholic High School, says: “I think we did more in the first meetings when you get back moved as she continued to go to classes of Christian education and discover every time more of the things the court”. Some of the characters of his life could well be the characters of his films – as knowledge that “the head of a barrel, beard massive trunk of the giant legs of 3-year-old child”.

Lynch a certain affinity with the spiritual, Numerology, conspiracy theories and the destination. Believed that Lyndon Johnson was behind the Kennedy assassination. We believe that it is possible to travel to the future, “although not easy”. Scenes from the movies come to him in dreams. Adept at transcendental meditation and believes in karma: “the law of nature says that you reap what you have planted, even things from earlier lives in return to visit him in this life”.

The peculiarities of Lynch to give evidence on the fans to understand his art. Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks, and his work-click on the TV, it seems that his wife is problematic favorite, next to maybe Marilyn Monroe, the story that says he wants to be in the film. According to him, Marilyn was killed by the Kennedy family (the book is full of suspicious deaths, both famous and obscure).

Support to the actress Isabella Rossellini’s work in Blue Velvet is not only due to its beauty: by the look in his eyes, Lynch realized that “there was fear”, which was the right choice for this role.

David Lynch brings to the screen wonderful the same dark visions of which he was a child. As stated in the excerpt from a room to dream “is basically what was from the beginning”. / Translated Roberto Muniz

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