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Whoever has the curiosity to read the history of classical Chinese poetry will not cease to amaze with the number of poets prison, banished or executed over the centuries. Considered the land of poets, ancient China has enabled many of them among the largest, as well as the Li Po (Li Bai in spelling more current) to die in poverty, while others such as Wang Wei, have enjoyed the economic situation is comfortable in the arms of the Empire. Along with Du Fu (Tu Fu), two of the poets cited a triangular shape the most sacred of the Chinese people: all of them lived and produced during the reign of the Tang Dynasty (618-907…. Car), which is considered the golden age for the company in China.

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In the known proverb published in the maker-Jorge Luis Borges tells the life of a famous Chinese poet who, while noting his masterpiece before the Yellow Emperor, at one time was Eternity and death. At the conclusion of this vision a sample of the classical Chinese poetry of the iron of the executioner Sega the life of the poet, but in another version of the case, also referred to Borges in the same text, the poet is but a slave of the emperor, and die as such.

The legendary, tranquil or tragic, the lives of the people Chinese scientists had undeniable charm in the West, is the stimulus, even today, to create the most different types of texts that purport to celebrate or discuss the verses recited and wrote.

Was recently in Brazil the novel to the Chinese people, of Andre Caramuru Aubrey in her way, a brief introduction of the people in the Chinese classics. The institute offers postgraduate course in the Chinese people in the Brazilian university the reader follows from the first page of the book, your speech in the classroom, copy it as it is. Anyone wait to read it, however, something similar to the courses given by Roland Barthes at the Collège de France, whose diary published in feed size and delicious, which reveal, as is the case in the preparation of the novel, all the themes of his research and his masterful way of teaching in the classroom.

The protagonist of the Chinese people is the professor of pork, in addition to the poet of the value (there are examples in the book of verses of his own); he knows something about the subject that you are willing to teach, but doesn’t explain anything with keep the floor level ginasiano. In this sense, the novel Andre Caramuru Aubrey reminded me of the mysterious creation Gore Vidal, boring best-selling who want to re-create the 5th century. C., But that wasn’t in addition to the basic information, collected inconsistently. I admit I wasn’t at all easy to read up to the end of the cycle the Brazilian professor, as each new page of his speech became more empty: “Oh I remembered something I have to talk in the beginning, but I forgot: classical Chinese poetry is still – and not for some other reason they are attracted to modern North America – don’t believe the current world.”

When, then, you need to justify this type of approach which will imply that sensaboria: “and why is this historical introduction? Because it is clear that it is important to know the political, philosophical and religious studies in the Chinese people it was written (although without that possible as I enjoy it)”. Staff Education announced soon in the first degree, predictable, as everything, in fact, to say: of more a character in the novel: “Nothing too dry, don’t worry.”

Everything seems unreal in the University where the professor teaches. your tutorials graduate students are not graduate level, it is also easy to prove in the wake of his speech. I wonder if it would be qualified to give even at the university level, introduction to Chinese people, because the search area is North America people. Result: this master falastrão not friendly or seductive (with the exception of students who are less talented than them), on the contrary – it is the type of intellectually fragile that seems to be decorated with the Apostille of the disclosure. See this excerpt: “This is when Buddhism, the second great collection of Chinese culture (from Confucianism taoismo), entered the region coming from India”. What comes after that only confirms that the novel does not go beyond the cliché: the teacher who is married is expected with a young woman and takes tremendous pressure from her boyfriend, and the transition to the use of crutches.

Something sad or sad or comical. Chinese people is so novel? Links to fake maybe? I would like to say that it is a draft of the novel that the writer doesn’t know how to perform. I don’t think that it is a satire on the teaching of Chinese literature in Brazil, because this is not the tone. The reader bewildered, if you are able to go through the 300 pages of the work, will do the same questions that the protagonist makes at the end: “but why? Now? Today? Why?”

*Poet, translator and professor of literature at UFSC. Published ‘triple Pagan and idol worship of popular or fever Images, Books, poetry, and selections from the poems of Yosa Buson under the title ‘The Butterfly and the bell’

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