Peter’s Marist Krakow participated in the day of the general debate at the United Nations in Geneva

Peter Cezarino Gouvêa student of 6 years of Marist Krakow School, participated in the day of general discussion on “protection and empowerment of children and human rights defenders” in the period from 24 to 30 September at the headquarters of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to Peter, the students, Gabriel, Genivaldo dos Santos, participation in the young apprentice program, Marist social center of Eunice Benato in the city of Curitiba, Carol good, student at PUC-PR, as represented education institutions of Marist in Geneva.

“I had the opportunity to accompany Peter on the trip and I can see up close How was this experience unique. Peter has discussed, in the first place, as children can be more of a voice within the school. Despite a different reality, boys and girls all over the world need to be listened to, they have much to teach us. It was amazing to realize that Marist realizes involved in this debate very special,” said Vivian Cezarino or Peter.

A group of students the opportunity to meet the ambassador of Brazil in Geneva Maria Nazareth Farani Azevêdo.

A surprise in the classroom: the preparation of the Geneva

On the occasion of the feat of the commission of Marist Krakow surprised the student, in the month of August in the classroom. Katia Helena Alves Pereira, coordinator of the sector of the third primary school gave the good news to the class. He also explained the meaning of participating in the points of this volume: “the day of general discussion, also known as DDG, dealing with issues that involve children and youth in all over the world. Difficult situations will be placed in the wheels of the discussions,” said the coordinator.

“Only 3 Marist students were invited for the occasion, Peter in the representative there,” Katie.

The director-general Valentin Fernandes, read the message a formal invitation to the student and added: “Pedro can bring to Geneva, the participation of Marist students of all ages, and cooperation in order to enrich this debate. Peter you pride for us.”

The family and the school: a fruitful partnership

Vivian Cezarino and Rodrigo especially the parents of Peter, participated in the moment of surprise in the classroom. The pride of both was crisp and the excitement in mind, prevention.

Peter had the good fortune to be a catalyst in terms of knowledge, also in the region. “I’m a journalist and specialized in political science, I think that encouraged him without desire, and thus talks about the history of democracy from social inequality, and other topics. These matters are discussed at home,” said Vivian. “I always tell her that studying in college like this, to live in a neighborhood like this is not natural in a country like Brazil, but a privilege,” said Vivian.

On a chapter to part

“Pedro is always a boy thirsty for knowledge, interested in different subjects through astronomy the properties of governments, 1, among other things,” explained the mother, Vivian.

Episodes reported by the mother draws attention: “when Peter was two years old, we were living in Brasilia, and worked in Congress. Even very small, has information from Congress about the Senate gave instructions about how we should find in the federal capital of Brazil”.

“I’ve always been impressed with the amount of books they like to read. During these holidays, for example, reads four,” added the father, Rodrigo.

According to the parents when the boy was at the stage of entry the child is 5, he needed a catalyst, and Marist Krakow school option. “The rapid development of the natural. Journey,” said Vivian.

The Marist Krakow school offers the confidence placed in us the parents of Peter has the joy of this great achievement. Congratulations, Peter!

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