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Sao Paulo – there are still some support for those who want to enjoy the last day of the biggest exhibition games in Latin America, Brazil game show (BGS) 2013. The events that began on Day 25 and ends in 22h on Tuesday 29, promises to be one of the biggest issues.

This is the sixth year of the exhibition which is held annually in Sao Paulo, which doubled in size for 2012. In addition to more space to the participating companies, the number of visitors also increased significantly: more than 150 thousand attended the meeting of the players. Last year there were more than 100 thousand.

The BGS has collected 150 companies in this market and who have made the important data, in addition to starring performances from celebrities and special attractions. Between versions more than the average last-gen consoles PlayStation 4 from Sony and Xbox One from Microsoft. In the area of games, fanatics also can not complain. The highlights are the FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Knights of the zodiac: brave soldiers, Killzone Shadow Fall Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flage and Batman: Arkham Origins.

In the issue that the majority of fans are young people, there is nothing better than to hear their opinion on BGS 2013 and flyers. Therefore Estadã invited the two teenagers not novelties of the fair. See below the texts of Nicolas de Montrigaud, 11 years old, and Tom Pereira, 12.

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Nicolas de Montrigaud – 11 years

What I liked the most in BGS was a variety of games consoles (Xbox, PlayStation) and PCs. The games I liked the most was Call Of Duty Ghosts , Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), Assassin ‘s Creed IV – Black Flag, Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs, all with good gameplay, excellent graphics and sound.

In spite of the fair to be crowded on the 25th, it was a bit time-consuming in access to the games. Most well-known developers was Activision, NC Games, Ubisoft, Warner Bros games.

Also I enjoyed seeing the type of equipment and laptop High Performance, Performance Brands Corsair, and Avell. I found the food very expensive and quality is not very good, despite being fast food well-known brands. But the execution was good, easy to find games.

People respect the printer, I haven’t seen anyone dispute the time. Despite the existence of prevention to school to learn how to make games and work with design and computer graphics (seven), I think it would be very interesting if space developers self-employed/self-taught they can pass on their experiences, give tips on how to study alone, etc.


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Tom Pereira, 12 years old

The game against Brazil offer expires on Tuesday, and as we were there on the 25th, we have a lot of news for you. The event was great, we felt like a kid in a toy store, but we can’t help but notice some flaws such as slowdown in some games.

One of the most notable is Call Of Duty Ghosts: better graphics than Call of duty earlier, Everyone loves it. The exhibition was organized that we can find the stands with ease. The food was very expensive and very hot. The corridors and bathrooms were well cleaned. I was impressed with the young man who had only one finger and played better than a lot of people.


Brazil game show

Venue: Expo Center Norte, Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 – Vila Guilherme – São Paulo

Working hours: from 13h to 22h

Value: tickets cost between R$ 60 A R$ 700

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