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What you have in common with writers such as the Brazilian João do Rio knows no news and the texts of the press, Medeiros e Albuquerque, the author of the words of the anthem of the proclamation of the Republic; Foreign Affairs Emile Zola, the French naturalist the American Edgar Allan Poe, tales of horror, modernist English Virginia Woolf? In principle it’s not much, but the anthology Tales of Wonder (Carambaia), which brings together 18 Short Stories book signing from different parts of the world (Spain, France, Uruguay, Russia etc.), shows us that at some point in their career, all succumbed to the Supernatural, The Strange or the inexplicable, which is to earn several meanings in the texts.

+Inspiration “dinosaur park”, a book Arthur Conan Doyle takes place in Brazil

+Architecture is the horror element in the literature of Shirley Jackson

Death and the devil, however, the great protagonists of these tales. It is worth noting that in these texts written in the late 19th century and early 20th century, the devil is sometimes personified in the figure of the woman, as in the story of Janet, Troncha British Robert Louis Stevenson: “the witch! A snake! Demon! He exclaimed. – I’m telling you, by the power of God, go away from here: to the Dead; The Damned hell!” Again, it is represented by India, as is the case with the devil Tom Walker Washington Irving: “it was said that the Indians were sorceries, and the performance of sacrifices to the evil spirit”.

+Anthony Xerxenesky drown in terrorism in the questions.’

In fact, every culture is peculiar to our region may seem to still be scary, just think of Donald Trump, who during his campaign issued statements like this: “unfortunately, the sheer amount of violent crimes in large cities committed by black and Hispanic.” This lie is still repeated to exhaustion in his government.

But not only the devil is Wonder; cannibalism and madness also its role. The writer maranhense Humberto de Campos in the fairy tale the right gets the “shiver of awe” to describe how anthropophagous meets a certain Mr. Lover appalled her heart. For Emile Zola, the Wild, is worth the fear of the men themselves. To escape from the zoo walk through the city, the lion and the hyena face everyday scenes able to terrorize any: passes in front of the stock exchange, the creatures hear the lamentations, supplications and cries of the angry, who takes the lion to the conclusion that “the series which should be provided to all the butchers of the neighborhood.”

The three women that comprise this anthology see the wonder in a completely different way. In the tale of the American Edith Wharton, who terrorizes the protagonist is a home business and a husband who “didn’t read anything in addition to serials, adventure, and sports news”. The Spanish of Emilia Pardo Bazan, to the woman to save the soul of a demon. As for Virginia Woolf, The Wonder in the ordinary that could cause the holidays.

The story of Edgar Allan Poe chosen to compose the anthology is in itself a mystery wonder, many believe that wasn’t written before. The text of Guy de Maupassant, which closes the book, as well as may be the tale of the most famous, the Horla, but tales of astonishment escaped from the obvious by choosing the author of an article about the wonderful stories that it is, in fact, courtesy of this literature, that the scientific progress can never be ambiguous. State Maupassant: “the wonderful thing is eternal”; face: “what is the significance of the science that reveals if we have creative people! We are the inventors of ideas, inventors of idols, makers of dreams. Always take the men to wonderful places inhabited by strange beings, a fantasy we invent.”

Conclusion, signed by Alcebíades Diniz, responsible for the selection of tales in the anthology, begins in narrative of the fact as amazing as those that make up the book: The interpretation of the mysterious death of a group of skiers of the Soviet in 1959. This event became known as the incident step Dyatlov, even today, the case is still not solved, proving that not every reason can spoil.

In this anthology, on the side of the book on a large scale, such as Guy de Maupassant and Robert Louis Stevenson, there are others who perhaps are not very popular here: this is the case, for example, already mentioned Emilia Pardo Bazan, a pioneer in defending women’s rights, from the French of Charles Nodier, who left extensive work, and even of Medeiros and Albuquerque, which is the tale that talking about sex is one of the high points of the book. Choose the translators were careful. Merge that list, among others, Ivone Benedetti, Fabio Bonillo, Morris, Santana Diaz and Maria Aparecida Barbosa, the last two experts in Pirandello and E. T. A. Hoffmann, contained in the anthology.

*Dirce Waltrick do Amarante translation and regulation, among other things, the ‘Finnegans Wake (thread)’, James Joyce (illuminations)

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