“Can I go to the bathroom?” Depending on the class, you should!

The education coordinator knows what it is to give a classroom good students, cites the example of the proposed activity by a professor of mathematics Fernando Trevisani

Joe Fortarel*

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The experience of 40 years in the teaching profession made me mount the following equation: the desire of the students to go to the bathroom is directly proportional to the quality of the lesson. When you’re watching a good movie on television and we feel a desire to go to the bathroom, we were cheering the arrival of a group so that you don’t lose anything interesting. So we feel that we may include if we lose even a few minutes of an interesting story.

During the lessons, repeat this behavior. The lesson was well planned, diverse, creative and holds the attention of the student from the beginning to the end, and not rare in the end, we hear: “already?”, “We have also went quickly!”.

In contrast, the class put up a bad calibration and monotonous in a few minutes, Player of the hajj is to travel to the bathroom, with the right to speak like: “after” John ” and “Peter” can I go?”.

Escape! The best trade a little before school, check the temperature or anything is better than surrender to the obvious, and sometimes laughable, improvisation and education.

A good tenth grade energy poor

What happens to the distance between a good lesson and lesson and the hero? Genius, talent and divine gift? No. The board layout, creativity, and, above all. it? Yeah, and to expand a little more generous.

To be generous in the pupil means in our daily lives, the possibility of exploiting all the Daily scene such as feeding our pedagogical practice. Movies, theaters, books, places and flavors that we enjoy on a daily basis. Me encanta this merger “vidaaula” because it always requires in life as we have the final in high school.

As you are resting during the holidays, in the inn you can see there is a challenge of the mathematician, in addition to surprise the students discuss the concept of linear systems in a practical way? As we know that the experience with the professor of mathematics Fernando Trevisani:

When I lie down I was thinking how the owner of the hostel can rake in by considering different scenarios of occupation. I saw they will have to do many calculations, and I was lazy, it was almost 2 in the morning! I realized that the fastest way to get the result that you will be using the concept of linear systems, a concept that is studying in Grade 2 of Secondary School. Here come the idea: why students can’t calculate this for me? I got up from the bed, I walked down the stairs, he recorded the introductory video of the activity with the receptionist, very friendly, that gave pensions and its main features, and when I came back from the trip, I drafted the questions in the activity to be put in groups.

Video offers make the introduction of the activity, which dealt with maximum profit to the owner of the hostels can be achieved depending on the occupancy of different types of rooms (four, six or eight beds), possibility of opening new rooms for use with minimum occupancy and prepare students scenarios that pose problems of the owner. However, at the end of the activity that I discovered the value that the owner of this hostel could get if it was crowded and I thought: I have students who can calculate this for me!”

Throughout the activity submitted in the two categories, any student asked to go to the bathroom, and most impressive of all: don’t notice that the group has already begun for 15 minutes.

It works like this.

*Joe Fortarel is the educational coordinator of the primary education second high school, Colégio Sidarta in Cotia (SP)

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